HP and terrorists….

What an amazing story with the board intrigue… what kind of water are those folks drinking out there? Crazy stuff.

Meanwhile , back at the ranch, I’ve got my own battles with our internal IT services group. It’s been a lot of deja vu, staying up late at night, early morning, fire fighting, trying to make snap decisions to get systems and IT services back and running during business hours. Feels good to be back into the Ops again but has made Taiwan and me a famous guy in the company’s internal IT services group. I’ve been nicknamed the “terrorist” ’cause I’m lighting fires, dropping bombs and firing missiles at people…. all to get them to get off their asses and do their job the right way.

Then after all is said and done, we go out and celebrate with the team. Laugh about it, joke about it and then reload for the next battle :).

Just finished some employee staff reviews, set performance objectives and develop plans for 2006/2007. It’s nice to talk about personal and professional career growth. I was pleasantly surprised that one of my managers is very senior in experience and used to do my job but on a local level. The nice thing about it was that the team likes working together, likes working with me, we have good chemistry and have a good attitude to learn and serve our stakeholders. Today we’ll be doing some team building at Jinshan hotspring and spa action.

It’ll be fun.

And …..

Giant worm must be saved!

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