Labor Day

Comic strip commentary: the latest Mary Worth – Mary takes her presumed stalker Aldo into her apartment to make it clear why she doesn’t want him to stalk her anymore. Now you, me and the rest of the normal world would say: “Mary, what the heck is wrong with you? You don’t let a stalker, even if he is a neighbor, into your apartment. You call the cops and get a restraining order against the man.” Particularly when Aldo has already a known alcohol problem and confessed to have neglected his wife (who was already mightily pissed with him after their fight and, when he was passed out drunk, she drowned in the filled tub after tripping into it – thus he felt he “killed” her).

So, Aldo gets the shock of his life upon entered Mary’s apartment. Gasp! It’s not the love nest he was expecting but these people that he didn’t know. Toby, her husband the Professor, and Wilbur (of the Dear Wendy column), Mary’s closest friends in the condo. Funny how Aldo doesn’t recognize them, since (a) they’re his neigbhors too; and (b) Mary hangs out with them; so if he’s a real stalker, he’d know who they are.

Anyway, apparently, Toby is determined to give Aldo an “intervention” to force him to stop stalking Mary. Oh-kay. Let’s see if this works. Unless she, Wilbur and the Professor have nightsticks hidden behind their backs, I’m not sure what will get through to Aldo. Not that I’m encouraging vigilante violence against stalkers. Really not my place to do that, I should think.

The third season premiere of FOX’s “House, M.D.” begins tomorrow! A nice article previewing the upcoming season: looks like more of Dr. Wilson’s dark side is coming out. Like we hadn’t gotten hints of it last season (too many inklings that Wilson’s a serial adulturer and a guy who falls for his female cancer patients and when he practices tough love on House, well… he may be House’s best and only friend, you got to wonder about this man for the reasons he even hangs out with House).

Oh, geez. American Express’ sponsoring the US Open gave us this little game: Andy Roddick v. Pong. For your complete and utter waste of time and enjoyment. Addicting game, of course, and you come to despise Pong and your own mouse.