“Soho South”?

Interesting article on the luxury condo development in NYC’s Chinatown, which apparently some morons have taken to marketing as “Soho South” (which probably would cover just about everything below Soho). Concerns about gentrification, and just a touch about discrimination and the rising costs of affordable housing in this city.

A sad NYC story – on the passing of a NYC Chinese restaurant owner and how his restaurant moves on.

NY Mets are making us all wait one more day before they finally clinch for the playoffs. If they do it today, it’d be in time for the 20th anniversary of the 1986 team’s clinching.

Such nice weather yesterday and so I checked out the Brooklyn Book Festival – great turnout. Lots of interesting stuff. I missed the panels (just couldn’t get to Boro Hall in time). Saw journalist Pete Hamill in passing in the subway (he was one of the panelists at the event, I believe, so wow…). Then tried to do some walking at the Promenade as exercise, but sooo lazy and tired, so I just read and then did some walking back to the subway.
It’s Little Italy’s San Gennaro Festival this week. Hmm. Wonder if I’ve time this week to hop over there.

Finished reading: Blood of Victory by Alan Furst (World War II clandestine operation); Equivocal Death by Amy Gutman (legal thriller; ok reading good for the subway – kind of makes me not want to work at a Big Firm – but then I never was someone who would).
Enjoy the nice weather…

An article on Ivy League football.  People don’t believe me when I say that the Ivy League started because of football (back in the days when Eisenhower was president of Columbia and Ivy League football was actually high caliber, not to say it isn’t, but no one’s expecting to see Harvard winning a Rose Bowl or the like these days).

My Alma Mater beat the other NYC college football team yesterday.  Let’s hope for a better season than last season!  Hope springs eternal.

Let’s go Mets!