San Fran

Flight – Delta. Snack – processed cheese and crackers (“ooh, processed cheese…”). Some kind of chocolate chip shortbread which tasted a little stale. Some kind of raisin cranberry mix, which I never did get to eat. My brother took the peanuts.

Turbulence. Ugh. Was not a good feeling.

Finished reading John LeCarre’s “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.” What a chilling book. Very well written, tightly plotted. Tragic. The spy business is ugly, and John LeCarre, the guy who used to be in the business (to what extent, who really knows?) wrote it as such. Alec Leamas, in 1961, is getting sick of the business, but has to do one more mission…. highly recommended.

Cartoon Art Museum – fascinating.

Yeurba Beuna Gardens/Metreon – interesting.

SF MOMA – interesting. But, I’m not big on modern art, I guess.

Asian Museum of Art – really amazing stuff. So impressed to see one museum on Asian art and its diversity and in such a beautiful building. Why don’t we have that in NYC? Hmm…

I wonder if NYC spoiled me; SF seems to have more of a presence of the homeless on the streets. Or is it really just me, since as New Yorker, I developed my own mental guard about that?

Stay tuned.