Mental health days

Just took 2 mental health days, Wed & Thurs.  First day was strange, I didn’t know what to do.  Shocked my system.  Didn’t sleep all that well and then tried to nap but only fitfully during the day.  At least I got to play some hoops later in the day.  Not at all that peaceful.

Second day, was a bit better but was suffering through some severe tooth pain from before.  Tooth pain causing big headaches and couldn’t think straight nor sleep. I finally located my dentist’s pills but it’s only a short term strategy. 

Overall, just tired, but was getting in the mood of forgetting work.  But got back in and there was 235 mails waiting for me, all just in the past 2 days.  Doing 3-4 jobs is starting to wear on me so need to be careful of my health.  Weather change and typhoon coming.  It’s wet and cooler now…

I need more mental days…at least more time to exercise.  Hoops was nice.  I think that’s what I need more of and less eats.  Oh well, hope next time I’ve got some time off, i’m less pathetic at relaxing on my day off.