Manic Antic

Went to the 34th annual Atlantic Antic, Brooklyn’s largest street festival, Sunday with P-. This was interspersed with laundry, which happened to be directly in front of the laundremat. The place was mobbed. Won $2 at the NY Lottery stand, which I then proceeded to lose on the next ticket. But I got a MegaMillions fanny pack. Ratner pro and against groups were out in full force; it appeared the Ratner group had the better of it. Food included: Jamaican beef patty, red velvet cupcake next door to the Downtown Atlantic bar, sorrel, ox tail stew and jerk chicken from “The original jerk chicken” stand. All good stuff, and I guess I’m getting back into form after last week’s episode. Being after the primary, the only politicians that were actively working the crowd was the Green Party.Plenty of musical entertainment on 6 bandstages and the NY Transit museum smarted up and had their annual bus show coincide with the fair. Definately out did itself this year.