Happy Halloween!

The Price is Right’s Bob Barker is retiring.  For real?  Generations of us have watched him as part of our daytime viewing.  Although it’s been awhile since I last watched the show, it just won’t be the same.  Will there still be a Price is Right?
I’m not a big Halloween person – it only amounts to watching tv shows with Halloween themes for me.  Can’t stand the egg yolks in the neighborhood.  Like the to-do the neighbors might do to decorate their houses.  Cute kids in costumes.  UNICEF.  Sure.  Nasty teens on the prowl.  No.  But, then again, some people take their holidays a little too damn seriously.   It’s either “Merry Christmas, damn it!” or “Die for saying ‘Happy Holidays’!!”  Yeesh.  Just be pleasant, that’s all!

Slate’s Michael Kinsley on Why It’s Ok to Vote for a Party this Election Day.

6 Steaks, 5 Takes, 0 Sense

We watched Bobby Flay’s Takedown last week on the Food Network, in which each week he has his own private Iron Chef-like dual with people with a particular expertise in a certain dish. He got his butt kicked by Tony Luke’s, who operates cheese steak restaurants in Philly and in New York. He won with his speciality cheese steak, “Steak Italian”, which is made with provolone cheese and sauteed broccoli rabe (aka “Chinese” broccoli). The broccoli rabe makes the sandwich much lighter than the traditional “wiz with”.

We had to try it out ourselves, so we went with P-‘s friends there on Friday through the rain. The service was slow (our steaks took a good 40 minutes to come out of the kitchen) but when they came out, it was as perfect as could be expected outside of Philly. Fresh, chewy Italian bread, paper-sliced tender steak, stir-fried broccoli rabe, all bound together with the cheese. P- got the chicken version, which was made with stir-fried chicken breast slices, which were succulent and perfectly cooked.

Just finished watching 5 Takes USA on the Travel Channel, which is basically a non-competitve version of Amazing Race. A group of 5 people from Asia are given $50 a day and a video camera, and they have to tour several American cities and give their reactions as non-Americans. Getting on the 5 takes team is the prize – there’s no million dollar pot at the end of this trip. Zack, the guy from outside Manilla, looks a heck of a lot like our friend AS. The footage is edited and shown the following week. They survived Los Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and are now in Alaska. They will be in New York Thanksgiving week, so that should really be a lot of fun for them. Recommended.

Slashdot reports NY Courts proposed rules considering attorney websites and blogs – or just about anything put into media or on the Internet – as regulated attorney advertising. The pertainent proposed rules, pushed by the NYS Bar Association, requires filing an entire copy of a website each time a change occurs on the site (i.e. each blog posting), and that the filing is public record. The City Bar and a gazillion other people put out strong objections to the proposed rule changes on First Amendment and stupidity grounds. While we’re not advertising anything (we’re not even using our real names), Triscribe could conceivably be covered by the proposed rules if we link to any law or lawyer sites. I don’t know.


Weird weather in the city.

My Life in Tickets.”  A little essay on MSNBC – and now I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who keeps ticket stubs.  Well, okay, so maybe I’ve a little OCD and I’m a terrible pack rat, but it’s nice that you can review what you’ve done on little slips of paper.

Election Day’s coming – and, boy, it’s just been nuts in NYS and the national stuff – well, ain’t it interesting?

This has got to be the cutest thing on YouTube: a Welsh Corgi puppy!