Mmm. BLT and Pigs in a Blanket…

Recipe for what sounds like a tasty BLT. And, an article on the return of those amazing little appetizers: pigs in a blanket (apparently, actually little beef franks in pastry, since pork isn’t kosher).
The sad reality that there’s a decline in women in as law clerks in the US Supreme Court, Linda Greenhouse analyzes. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick discusses it further.

For anyone who ever wondered whatever happened to the ex-“Night Court” judge, Harry Anderson: he moved to New Orleans, opened a club, and in the post-Katrina era, finds that he can no longer stay. Sad story, really.

Soon to say so long to August

Tuesday night: Tavis Smiley had a great interview with Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History at Tulane, regarding his latest book on the first week of Katrina. Brinkley criticizes the feds and the mayor of New Orleans, on the air and, apparently, in his book. I think it was amazing that he managed to get his family out of New Orleans and then immediately got cracking on preserving stories for history.

If you’re stupid, don’t vote.” An argument against letting the non-informed from voting.
Summer reading: Neil Degrasse Tyson’s companion book to the Nova series “Origins” (with co-writer Donald Goldsmith). Some physics and astronomy stuff that flew over my head, but very well written and very genial voice – kind of like a having a good friendly guide trying to set you on the right direction in appreciating Space, the Final Frontier (apologies to the Star Trek folks).

Katrina Counterpoint

Sundance Channel ran Mardi Gras Made in China as a counterpoint to our Katrina rememberances. The documentary maker interviews Mardi Gras partiers and the Chinese people who make their beads – both being completely ignorant of each other. The beads might as well have been dropped from Mars; when the workers were shown what was done with the beads, they thought they came from Mars. Who is being indicted here?