Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

This Thanksgiving, take moment to reflect and consider how much we gratitude we have (or should have) or how we can do so much better for each other to earn that gratitude.

This year’s National Novel Writing Month has been a sad and hard slog. Wish me luck; I somehow want to still get to 50k words, but not sure how…! May the words gods and the spirit of NaNo save us all…

The year is flying by! Hopefully I’ll get to a year-end post. I feel really badly about not blogging very much, even though I kept thinking that I would do more of that in 2019 and failed miserably to cut back on Facebook (I am still on tumblr, even though the tumblr-verse is well past its prime after the tumblr crackdown on porn and making people mad on censorship and various other issues that I’m behind on; so you can still follow me there!).

I’m not into streaming, I’m behind on books, and I hope to get to some interesting movies before 2019 ends. Who’s with me on hoping this year will end on a great note, before we face the madness of 2020? 🙂

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