Election Week 2020

Well, what an exhausting Election Week, waiting for the results. Letting every valid be counted and hoping for the best (even when there’s a lot of craziness out there). I have my concerns about the Democrats’ taking majority of the US Senate and the very narrow path to get there. But, the presidential election – yep, a lot of waiting there.

Is this for real, this time? I say “this time” because I kept ignoring the reports that said that Pennsylvania was inching towards making the call. I wasn’t trusting anything until the call was made. Take a breath and don’t listen to conspiracy crap…

Joe Biden is really president-elect and Kamala Harris is vice president-elect? All forms of media are saying so, so I guess it’s real! Joe Biden, bringing us together and calling us to our ideals! Kamala Harris, making history as a woman of Indian and Jamaican descent!

Now we somehow have to make it to Inauguration Day intact!

(Thank you, Pennsylvania, for making it through Election Day 2020).

If you celebrate, stay physically-distanced because we’re still in a pandemic under this current presidential administration.

Please, let’s all come together to get past partisanship and deal with the present and get a better future, America. There are crises to face and a lot of work to do.

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