A little bit of everything

Getting this in before taking a nap to get to the Hakka conference at York University this morning…. Wednedsay, dim sum with two uncles at Oriental Center, a quick tour through Scarborough Towne Center, the RT back through to the house. Road trip to downtown, went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and touched the Stanley Cup, went through Eaton Centre. Lost my favorite cap somewhere there. Saw the beginning of the conference at the Chinese Cultural Centre. Check out photos here.

Wednesday stuff

Tv/law related news: the passing of Jerry Orbach, the former Lenny Briscoe of NBC’s “Law and Order.” An actor whose talents also shone brightly in theater and film, he will be missed.

“Jeopardy” relies even more on gimmicks – they’re bringing back former five-day champions (champions under the previous five-day only rule) to be in a Super Tournament of Champions, to be pitted against Ken Jennings, the champion under the new unlimited rule. Crazy…

College students these days… so-called academic freedom/freedom of speech versus alleged discimination and so-called intimidation; so-called conservative students suing to avoid reading stuff that “offends” their values (umm, the point of a liberal arts education is to open the mind, to see if something actually is offensive), as opposed to so-called liberal students’ demanding to read more (i.e., reading stuff by others than the usual so-called Dead White Men). Ugh. Sometimes I’m almost glad my undergrad education has been long over; I don’t miss the perpetual protesting, frankly (whether from the conservative or the liberal side of campus).

While the human impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami remains unknown at this time, scientists are apparently speculating on the tsunami’s effect on the earth’s rotation – shortening a day by a fraction of a second. The future of the Maldives is in peril. And other stories. Putting aside – for just a second – the sadness for the homeless, missing, and dead, ultimately, this tragedy is still hard to grasp as it’s still unfolding. More to see and just wonder.