Christmas TV

On PBS tonight:

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle, with mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade and tenor Bryn Terfel. There’s something off in hearing opera singers sing “Jingle Bells” (although, Terfel’s pretty good with the rhythm; but Von Stade seems stuck with the operatic training – but she does nicely with her range).

Plus, of course, “The Nutcracker” (it ain’t Christmas without seeing it, in any version you watch it).

And, tomorrow, we shall all be at work. Physically. Mentally – that’s another story. But, at least I can enjoy Christmas Eve off….

The day after the longest night

Last night was the winter solstice, which is apparently some Chinese excuse to freeze and eat a lot of good Chinese food made by P’s mom. P and I get into the house, drop our stuff and immediately make our way back out to go to the fruit stand.
(in Cantonese)
P’s mom: Where are you going?
P: FC wants to buy oranges.
P’s M: You don’t have to. (the subtext being, "it’s nice that you remembered that you’re supposed to bring oranges")
P: (to me, pushing me out the door) Go, let’s go!