Happy Memorial Day 2012

Take a moment to think about those who served and are currently serving.

Some APA Heritage Month items, as the month winds down:


Recently, coverage on two APA lawyers:

Yul Kwon, on “Tell Me More” with Michele Martin,about being an APA Game Changer, i.e., that he was the first APA to win “Survivor” – and without totally backstabbing everyone – thereby being a pretty positive APA image on tv and undermining lawyer stereotypes to whatever extent; and once named to People magazine’s list of “Sexiest Men Alive.” (he certainly got to be one of the sexier ones on PBS with the America Revealed series).

Additionally, Stuart Ishimaru, an out-going EEOC Commissioner, was on “Tell Me More,” to discuss his new appointment to the the Office of Women and Minority Inclusion in the US’ Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to monitor diversity in the banking industry.


FC shared this on Facebook, and I’m forwarding it along on triscribe: coverage on NY1 on APA’s – specifically the aging and growing Chinese population in Brooklyn.

Additional NY1 items include:

a story on how APA’s in government from Flushing came about because of a city council member’s insensitivity,

the development of the Pakistani population in Brooklyn, the expansion of Chinese demographics in Staten Island, and

Cambodians in the Bronx.


FC and I had also checked out “Revisiting Vincent,” a performance/talkback/reception on the Vincent Chin case, co-produced by our favorite Asian American Bar Association of NY (AABANY), the Asian American Arts Alliance and the Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA). The performance was just great, thought provoking stuff by professional actors, adapting the AABANY project led by Judge Denny Chin and Dean Frank Wu (the two of whom also did a great Q&A at the end).  AABANY posted a photo and the AABANY intro by Executive Director Yang Chen at the event.

Photos from Asian American photographer/icon  Corky Lee were presented and even available in a silent auction.

The AABANY blog also shared that Jeff Yang at Wall Street Journal’s blog did a shout-out of the “Revisiting Vincent” event.

All great stuff.  Keep it  going.