“Talkin’ ’bout the red, white, and bluuuuetooth…” – this President’s Day Honda commercial is ridiculously funny, if only because I had no idea that George Washington had such a nice singing voice.

Of course, this only makes me miss Christopher Columbus, Action Figure, all the more. (see the previous post on Christopher Columbus, Action Figure).

Interesting info from the Morgan Library and Museum’s website on George Washington’s life mask and other Founding Father items.

Check out this: photo slideshow over at, of colorized presidential photos.  There’s something very striking about seeing past Presidents’ photographs in color rather than in their black and white format. (or course, it’s like this mental trip of reminding oneself that color did exist before 1950). And, it’s really weird to see Teddy Roosevelt as the big game hunter (I know that’s what they did in those days and I’m not an animal rights activist, and TR was someone who tried to preserve nature, but that photo of him and his dead elephant was really sad to look at in color).

This item is a cute but weird PSA: Big Bird and Michelle Obama appear to be mostly talking to each other, but Big Bird really just looks like he’s amusing himself in the background, randomly dancing behind Michelle Obama. Dance, bird, dance…

Well, this was an interesting item on Yao Ming, on the Asia Society’s YouTube location.  Nice that he’s more than just a basketball player.

Enjoy the Oscars weekend!

Presidents’ Day Week 2013

Stuff to catch up.

Because we here at triscribe are APA’s and lawyers, I note the following:

This tidbit of news is so awesome, considering that I’m behind on the news: Brooklyn Law School’s 1st US S.Ct law clerk!  Congrats to Sparkle Sooknanan, BLS’10, who’s going to clerk for J. Sotomayor! (who really is awesome to keeping it hometown!). (h/t: Above the Law’s post on the subject of upcoming law clerks at the US Supreme Court).

What a great story, even if a little bittersweet: Larry Kwong, Chinese-Canadian, was probably among the 1st person of color to be in the NHL, just a little before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in pro-baseball. Kwong only played one game for the NY Rangers, apparently similar to Wat Misaka, 1st Asian-American in the NBA (only 3 games for the Knicks). Not that APA’s have made it big in mainstream pro sports in North America, but hope springs eternal. I think the Rangers ought to honor the guy, if at least to encourage more positive karma for this season.

An Asian Indian immigrant who gets inspired by the Lincoln movie to find out that Mississippi had neglected a clerical procedure to finalize ratification of the 13th amendment in the year 2013 (h/t: Angry Asian Man’s post). Brings new meaning to how we really don’t know the full consequences of the results of history for years. Plus, have attention to details; so-called clerical errors make you look really – and legally – stupid. But, hey, glad that Mississippi finally decided to make it out of the 19th century.

In case you want the Above the Law version of Mississippi’s official ratification of the 13th Amendment

I have to catch up on many tv shows, as usual.  Suits, Justified, Elementary.  Of course, Community!  According to Entertainment Weekly, James Brolin is going to play the estranged dad of Community’s pseudo-lawyer, Jeff Winger.  Jeff might actually face his dad issues already, forget graduating from Greendale Community College? Hmm!

Oh, I’m kind of impressed by the weirdness of The Americans on FX (it has Kerri Russell, the ex-Felicity!) – spies during the early 1980’s, when things still looked like the 1970’s and Ronald Reagan was eyed suspiciously.  I have to catch up on the craziness on Archer on FX (that episode where Justified’s Timothy Olyphant guest-starred and its disturbing ending… good gravy…).

Last but not least: What? Nooo! Ken Tucker – I don’t always agree with him, but he can’t be leaving EW?!  His last blog post at the Entertainment Weekly website? Nooo. TV Gods, what are you doing? … But, ugh. It really is happening. Ken Tucker took a buyout from EW. But, he’s been there since it was before being on the radar!  And, what will happen next with tv reviews?  Time passes…

Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! Good luck and best wishes in the Year of the Snake! Gung Hei Fat Choi!

(apologies for the bad spelling transliteration)

An interesting item from NPR about how much money should the givers of red pockets give.  I always figured that this was about how traditional one would be about the red pocket stuff, and went along with “It’s the thought that counts” rather than how much money is involved.

Then again, I’d like as much good luck as possible and I keep getting reminded about avoiding the number 4 business

H/t from Angry Asian Man: The President’s Lunar New Year greetings.  Aww. No video this year from the President. But, a nice greeting anyway.

Speaking of the President, the State of the Union address is coming.  Check out this interesting NPR item about the 1st State of the Union address.  Believe it or not, a lot of the traditions of the American presidency was because George Washington had to come up with them (being the 1st one does have that effect).

And, because we at triscribe are Asian American and lawyers: h/t from Angry Asian Man that the movie, “Shanghai Calling,” is heading out beyond the Asian American indie film circuit. Go check it out. Plus: the actor Daniel Henney is really good looking.