Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! Good luck and best wishes in the Year of the Snake! Gung Hei Fat Choi!

(apologies for the bad spelling transliteration)

An interesting item from NPR about how much money should the givers of red pockets give.  I always figured that this was about how traditional one would be about the red pocket stuff, and went along with “It’s the thought that counts” rather than how much money is involved.

Then again, I’d like as much good luck as possible and I keep getting reminded about avoiding the number 4 business

H/t from Angry Asian Man: The President’s Lunar New Year greetings.  Aww. No video this year from the President. But, a nice greeting anyway.

Speaking of the President, the State of the Union address is coming.  Check out this interesting NPR item about the 1st State of the Union address.  Believe it or not, a lot of the traditions of the American presidency was because George Washington had to come up with them (being the 1st one does have that effect).

And, because we at triscribe are Asian American and lawyers: h/t from Angry Asian Man that the movie, “Shanghai Calling,” is heading out beyond the Asian American indie film circuit. Go check it out. Plus: the actor Daniel Henney is really good looking.

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