A Brief February 2013 Review

So… some quick blogging.

The Super Bowl – wherein Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49’ers, at the Superdome in New Orleans – the first post-Hurricane Katrina Super Bowl there. The weird power surge and leading to the late end of the Super Bowl. The not that interesting commercials.

The delay of “Elementary,” which somehow got the post-Super Bowl slot, a strange thing for a 1st season show (with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes in sexy and violent – of course!) and the not-so-hot ratings out of that.  Oh well.  It was a decent episode of “Elementary” (putting aside the excess violence, for this series anyway, and even an opening with strippers who were thieves dealing with a nude Holmes – it was the post-Super Bowl episode after all), but I had a feeling the ratings wouldn’t be there. The power outage delay didn’t help at all (forget not quite helping the 49ers). If I were a CBS executive (and I’m obviously not), I wouldn’t have put a 1st season show that was still finding its legs after the Super Bowl like that, but so that goes (the early estimates suggest that “Elementary” did worse than “Alias” did in its Post Super Bowl episode, and that was a penultimate episode of that season of “Alias”). Let’s see how this Thursday’s episode will go for Holmes, Watson, and Gregson (a lot of new episodes in a week; darn CBS).

It’s so hard to predict how next year will be, when NY/NJ host the Super Bowl: we could either have one of those weird warm-ish spells (40 degrees, maybe) or the Canadian Arctic blasts (hide Staten Island Chuck). Who knows? If you pull off an entertaining cold half-time next year, NFL, I’d be impressed. Hell, bring back a marching band for all I care, so long as you don’t freeze someone’s lips and do complete lip synching stuff.

Or at least we won’t have a blizzard at next year’s Super Bowl.

Say… did you hear about the blizzard for this weekend?  What the Weather Channel is calling Winter Storm Nemo.  Puxatawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck, the groundhogs, should not be relied on for weather predictions!

Oh – and “Community” is back!  The delayed October episode!  Oh, NBC…

Justice Sotomayor’s still doing the book tour. I didn’t quite find her that interesting on the Colbert show (seriously, not everyone can handle Colbert’s brand of role play). But, she was really fascinating on the Charlie Rose show (clearly a show she watches, if she has time for something other than Law & Order, which I read somewhere was a show she liked, but everyone enjoyed that; then again, why would an ex-prosecutor like her watch stuff about the old job anyway, who knows?).

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