Breaking News: Goodwin Liu nominated for the California Supreme Court

In the category of “we here at triscribe, because we’re APA and we’re lawyers”:

Following up on a previous post on Prof. Goodwin Liu: Governor Jerry Brown nominates Prof. Liu for the California Supreme Court, the highest court of California.  See the post from Angry Asian Man blog on the subject (he further links to an LA Times article).  See also NAPABA’s official press release.

I guess Prof. Liu will get that judicial experience he supposedly needs.

Although, it’s kind of interesting that this news comes right on the heels of this article over at The National Law Journal, “Law Professors Find a Hard Road to Federal Appointments.” I’m really not sure what it means when being a law professor isn’t a plus, but kudos to Prof. Liu, Gov. Brown, and California for bucking a trend, even if it is in the state level.

Heat Wave Recovery In Progress

We had some three-digit days; that was a bit much (just sayin’).

Items of interest:

In case you need an excuse to visit Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library branch (besides borrowing books, that is): an exhibit, 6/28/11 to 9/18/11: “Brooklyn’s Bridges: Engineering as Art & Inspiration.”

Interesting item from this July’s ABA Journal: “Second Lives: For These Former Justices, Retirement Is No Day at the Beach,” by Mark Walsh:  Justice John Paul Stevens – (still) not an easy guy to pin down on issues; Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is candid about not liking how the current US Supreme Court is knocking on her decisions (i.e., abortion and affirmative action); and I’m curious to know more about what Justice David Souter meant about “fair reading model” of statutes (what?).

Entertainment Weekly did some coverage at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, and I’ll let others go web surfing on the goodies. But, I thought this item about “Community” looked interesting – could it be that the gang could actually graduate by season 4? (not that anyone would have to graduate from community college in four years, if at all; and this assumes that that show can make it to four years, if NBC will be so kind).

So…  could Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) will one day be a real fake lawyer? I don’t remember if he went to a real (tv) law school or passed a (tv) bar exam, but the show was pretty clear that he never had a real (tv) undergrad degree (from the country Colombia, not Columbia U), which was why the bar suspended (disbarred?) Jeff, a Damn Fine (tv) Litigator otherwise.

But, if Jeff graduates… well, it could be interesting to watch.  It might even be believable.

Other interesting items from EW (strangely not from Comic Con…):

OMG.  EW made me hysterical with laughter over their 1980’s redux.  The comments to this particular post, “Who’s the coolest G.I. Joe?” –  they are so funny, hitting at how EW forgot about at least two of the cartoon’s characters: Shipwreck and Lady J (that I even remember those characters only proves how I wasted the 1980’s).

Plus: “Who’s the coolest member of Voltron?”   Hmm…  Ahem.  Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that Lance was the Chandler of the Voltron Lions team, if Voltron Lions team were like Friends (wasn’t he the sarcastic one?).  And Princess Allura was surely a mix of the insecure Monica with the character development (gaining her own independence) of Rachel.  And, Keith leads.  He leads, man.  (Oh, and the new Voltron cartoon on Nicktoons: my main quibble is why aren’t the team members wearing helmets?).

And, even a “Who’s the coolest ‘Duck Tales’ character?”  Yes, my 1980’s were a waste of time…

This article from about Kevin Clash’s career “Being Elmo” was such a great read.  And, PBS’ “Independent Lens” is scheduled to eventually show this documentary about Kevin Clash – so that’ll be cool to watch. (he didn’t just do Elmo; he did the annoying baby dinosaur from the Dinosaurs show back in the 1990’s on ABC. The man’s talented).

The return of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, but in a live-action movie.  Seriously?  So… will Captain Planet and the Planeteers save Fukushima and stop global warming?… oh, wait, Captain Planet kind of was making us do that. Sorry… (and, really, where are original ideas? Talk about recycling!).

I don’t have BBC America (unless I get DVD’s?); so I’m not on the Law & Order UK bandwagon. But: Freema Agyeman (the remaining prosecutor) and Peter Davison (new chief prosecutor)? Doctor Who partnerships get a mashup, as the ex-Martha works with the ex-Doctor!  Well, British actors get around… (I love these photos from All Things Law & Order; and how, in this post on ATL&O: Peter Davison does mention having gotten to know Agyeman from the Doctor Who connection/convention); and here, Agyeman goes a little into the Doctor Who connection too, while giving a lot of insight of her L&O: UK character).

Last but not least:

The passing of Betty Ford, definitely in a unique category of Republican First Ladies. Impressive that she was both ahead and so very much part of her/our times.  NY Times obit here, with a lot of interesting stuff on her legacy.  Daily News’ longtime DC Bureau chief/correspondent Thomas DeFrank has a good insight, after having interviewed her over the years.

The passing of Lucian Freud.

The passing of former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John M. Shalikashvili.

The passing of Amy WinehouseDaily News Music Critic Jim Farber on her musical legacy; I agree – the playing of her “Rehab” song gets in the way of how she had quite a unique voice.