Team Triscribe’s “Better Than Sliced Bread”

For years now (I’ve lost track – it’s probably more clear on the Triscribe blog!), FC’s Team Triscribe or its variants have participated on/off in the Asian American Film Lab‘s 72 Hour Film Shootout, where competitors make a complete short film, up to 5 minutes in duration, during a 72 hour period. I’ve been doing it with FC on/off and we somehow managed this year!

This year’s theme was “Be a Hero.” I think that we keep improving through the on/off years that we’ve been doing this. This year, to our shock during the last several days since the results came out: we won the Best Screenwriting Award!

The biggest credit should go to FC for being our director, film editor, and leader. Without him, I’m never sure how every crazy idea, odd musing, or whatever else becomes something of a fun gem! Always a good time to get laughs, a creative charge, and stress over the process.

You can view the YouTube link to see Team Triscribe’s film for this year (5 mins. of humor and poignancy!). Check the film’s credits to see all of us credited – but a big shout out to all who have been on the Team Triscribe ride of supporting us, being in the prior films, and enjoying or bringing food or supplies, or providing other support.

Team Triscribe’s film for this year is in honor of our friend and hero, the late Asian American photographer laureate, Corky Lee.

Disclaimers: Dr. Apollo is not a real doctor. But, sandwiches are good, and no sandwiches were harmed in the making of the movie, even though a lot of them were eaten. They were not eaten by me. Also, you don’t need a fake doctor to save your relationships. You can still save a relationship. Hopefully! And, why, yes, isn’t that our running gag of the girl named Elizabeth Ong…?

Also: many ridiculous clips were left behind. YKC found a lot of amazing sandwiches in Japan. My wish for a Ken Burns-style documentary on the ongoing Chicken Sandwich War is still but a near-running joke that’s kind of serious. I also don’t think we really answered in the film regarding whether a hot dog is a sandwich, but I still think it is!

And, yes, the film is more than about food. It is about relationships.

Also: very flattering that we got publicized on the AABANY blog! (see link here) Thanks, AABANY!

(And, that’s the Asian American Bar Association of New York, to the rest of you not in the know, of which a bunch of us in Team Triscribe have been longtime members).

During the Asian American International Film Festival 44th edition (hybrid – online and live – from August 11, 2021, through August 22, 2021), you can also still check out Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Film Shootout online/streaming presentation of the Top Ten, and it is worth a watch for the films that made it. We didn’t make the Top Ten, but one had to wonder how close we were!

I’m hoping to eventually put up a post on my viewing of the 72 Hour Film Shootout’s Top Ten (let’s see if that’ll happen!). I still have to get to watching my online viewing of other AAIFF offerings. In the meantime, let’s keep supporting diversity and inclusion in front of and behind the cameras and in all of the arts!

P.S. – I did intend for the – uh – pun in the post’s title. Don’t you think that we’re better than sliced bread, after all? 😉