May Day

It’s May 1st!  And, it has been a cool spring. The flowers look nice though.

May 1 isn’t just May Day, it’s also Law Day (umm, something to do with Eisenhower and the ABA’s way to tackle the Cold War and how the USA wasn’t like other places, if I remember correctly? Never quite sure!). Rule of law, if we can just remember that, not about crazy people shtick.

So, feel free to check out the Presidential Proclamation for Law Day 2013.

And the ABA Law Day website, with all kinds of fascinating materials.  Some bar associations even make it a Law Week, or designate a different day. NYCLA, for example, or NYSBA (check out the press release statement from NYSBA President Seymour James). Brooklyn also has an event, fitting this year’s theme of “Realizing the Dream: Equality for All” (pdf).

Meanwhile, it’s also the start of APA Heritage Month. And there’s a Presidential Proclamation for that too and stuff from the White House Initiative on AAPI’s (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) (h/t: Angry Asian Man blog).

Combining both Law Day and APA Heritage Month is this nifty item in the NY Law Journal by Mike Huang, current President of our very own AABANY.  (h/t: NAPABA’s Facebook page and AABANY’s Facebook page).

So many events out there!  Keep hope alive! (or so goes the spirit of spring anyway).