I usually get seriously sick once a year in the springtime. It starts out as hay fever that goes into a sore throat and then a full-blown cold. Right now my sinuses are in a slow burn keeping me awake, so I’m using the greatest hits of eastern (Gan He Cha) and western medicine (Tylenol Sinus), plus P’s Homemade Chicken Soup and the Neilmed Sinus Rinse, all of which are taking care of my symptoms. Probably will need one more day of suffering.


I’ve taken a small blogging hiatus over the past fortnight, but a ton of extreme things have kept things exciting.

  • My doctor says that I’ve got an incredibly high triglyceride level (550 when it should be less than 150) so I got to lose 10 pounds and cut out bacon and eggs by June or I’m going to be on Lipitor.
  • P and I have a new long distance travel adventure planned. It will be in May, and we’ll let you know about it when it happens
  • I see SSW at the alma mater’s charity auction – neither of us win any bids.
  • AS makes a reappearance in New York with his bouncing baby boy
  • Two members of the staff have deaths in the family, so I’m doing coverage for them
  • My mom decides to go back to school, which is conveniently located across the street from my apartment. P & I get to see her every day hanging out at my dinner/mj table.
  • 4 hour Indian engagement party with my friend, his fiance, three priests and an Archbishop (I don’t ask, I just eat)
  • My boss quits, and general mayhem ensues. Looks like I’m going to be left running the show
  • I see a new batch of fledgling attorneys (several of my friends among them) being sworn in
  • P has dental surgery, not too much pain although she talks funny

Wednesday into Thursday

Can’t wait for the weekend already…

Brooklyn Restaurant Week! So cool.

Tuesday’s “House” – okay, so House somehow figures out that this lady is poisoning her husband. But, we don’t know WHY. I guess I’m a sucker for the old fashioned kind of mystery – not so much on the how to kill, but why they bother trying to kill at all. But, I have to admit, the lady came off as a bit of a psycho in the way she told naive Dr. Cameron that there’s such a thing as a perfect marriage (considering that Cameron’s the one who married a guy who died of cancer, leaving her to be a young widow when there’s even a question as to why she even married a dying guy and she has a history of being attracted to ill men, well, perhaps Cameron’s not all there anyway).

Meanwhile, the off-screen Mrs. Wilson’s finally kicking Dr. Wilson out of the house (he claims it’s not because he’s an adulturer) has put Wilson in House’s house. And, as much as having Wilson around irritates him, House obviously likes having his best friend around (Wilson hires his former housekeeper to clean House’s house; Wilson actually cooks food, so House can now eat food other than the alcoholic and peanut butter kind). It’s like the Odd Couple. Although, I do wonder – so long as Wilson’s around, does that mean House curtailed his own partaking of prostitutes? (which he apparently only did to dull the (self-inflicted) pain of losing the love of his life (again)). Or are Wilson and House the kind of buddies who would go on the prowl together? Ugh…

Personally, I’m curious to see if they’d ever bring Mrs. Wilson on-screen. I know this is House’s show (it’s called “House”), but I’d like to see what on earth made Wilson want to have a third wife anyway. We only get inklings as to what makes House’s best friend tick (he has the role of being the Upstanding Good Guy Oncologist Who Likes Women a Bit Much (probably no better than Cameron’s liking male patients; Wilson strikes me as a guy who likes female patients), but really, there’s a dark side too, or else why does House want to be friends with him?). Plus, we’ve had some Cameron and Foreman episodes, and a couple of Chase episodes, and even some Cuddy moments (she is the head of their hospital, so not easily ignored), so Wilson ought to have an episode.
Wednesday night’s Charlie Rose had a guest host (done rather rarely) – I believe it was the president of Memorial Sloan Kettering interviewing Nobel laureate Eric Kandel (who was fascinating, even if I felt a little weird about his referencing to my Alma Mater University). Turned out that there was a reason Charlie Rose wasn’t on – he had heart surgery. Bummer. Get well, Charlie Rose – but pardon me if I end up watching while you’re away, just to see who’ll be the guest host (who may just as intruiging as the guest itself)…