I usually get seriously sick once a year in the springtime. It starts out as hay fever that goes into a sore throat and then a full-blown cold. Right now my sinuses are in a slow burn keeping me awake, so I’m using the greatest hits of eastern (Gan He Cha) and western medicine (Tylenol Sinus), plus P’s Homemade Chicken Soup and the Neilmed Sinus Rinse, all of which are taking care of my symptoms. Probably will need one more day of suffering.

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  1. Pardon my whole decongestant commentary, but I see Tylenol Sinus and I’m like — ooh. About two weeks ago, I used Tylenol Sinus since I had the whole sore throat/bad nasal congestion. Pretty effective, I must say. Non-drowsy Dimetap 12-hour pills – such relief over a span of time! – But, not always effective (they long removed that ingredient which was not apparentlyl found not good for other health reasons). non-drowsy Benadryl also pretty good, as a Dimetap alternative. And, chicken soup – always good.

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