We of triscribe are having a fun-filled busy weekend (as usual).

AABANY’s Fall Conference 2011
was great stuff! The sight of much fruit at a certain table was mesmerizing. Otherwise, great panelists, lively discussion, CLE (well, I have to report and re-register at the end of this year, so…), and seeing familiar faces and new ones. Plus: nice digs of the white shoe law firm to check out…

Oh, and ramen. That was good ramen, I must say.

Brooklyn Book Festival 2011 is TODAY! That is all.

The story of Willow, the lost Colorado cat found in NYC, five years later. Cute cat, I must say. Plus, apparently, having the microchip really is a good way to locate the lost pet. But, the solution to how Willow ended up in NYC may be simple, but there are cynics, I guess.

From Robert Krulwich at NPR: the Krebs Cycle. Man, I hadn’t heard of this since AP biology way back in high school…

Oh Ryan Gosling; at least your roles are unique (go see “Crazy Stupid Love”!): Television w/o Pity with a Photo Gallery on how Gosling’s roles include lots of bad boyfriends (except maybe the one from “The Notebook” – who was initially a sad and lousy guy but who came through well at the end).

So, yes, I have to get outside already, but can’t resist: what’s the deal with the Big East? Syracuse and Pittsburgh leaving? Teams NOT in the East coming? We do not have this in the Ivy League. Of course, we don’t have big championships either…

Stuff in September

Josh Ozersky ponders on the Jewish love for Chinese food as this week’s subject of his food column on Time.com.

Why am I not surprised that the Law & the Multiverse guys actually explore how Peter Parker is an independent contractor and Clark Kent isn’t? I’m not a Spiderman follower, but did Peter Parker ever take his photography work to a higher level? I mean, various versions of Clark have shown him to be a real journalist, not necessarily a bumbler… (must be that Superman thing).

Angry Asian Man blog on the world biggest Spam musubi. That is a lot of Spam.

h/t: wnyc’s tumblr blogcolor photos of NYC from 1941 by Charles W. Cushman, over at the Daily Mail. Impressive. Bowling Green still looks the same…

Oh, and last but not least: Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart – how is it that you two make the 1980’s/1990’s nostalgia so easy to swallow? (especially Joey – even if he is now going by “Joseph” these days – but he’ll always be Joey to me!). I was watching their ABC Family tv movie, “My Fake Fiance” and was pretty entertained. They play a couple who meet in one of those “I hate you/I love” moments and then get a fake engagement for the gifts and money – only to actually fall in love for real. Yes, it’s a typical romantic-comedy, but I liked their nice vibe and sensual chemistry.

Melissa and Joey’s ABC Family tv series, “Melissa and Joey” is sort of a modern “Who’s The Boss,” but just a touch more yeah-eventually-they-will vibe in less than a season, than “Who’s The Boss” did after years of seasons on the air (I watched a lot of “Who’s the Boss” back in the day – and I liked how Judith Light’s Angela was such an empowered modern woman for the 1980’s and how Tony Danza’s Tony evolved from an ex-ball player to mature college student and future teacher). Is “Melissa and Joey” funny as a sitcom? Not really – I mean, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” had more funny and that was because Salem the Talking Cat was just nuts – but the chemistry between Melissa and Joey (the characters) works for tv.

Time to Remember

Taking a pause.

I guess we’re feeling particularly reflective because it’s been 10 years. Sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it has gone by that long, sometimes it’s still too soon (history being a judge that takes its time).

Consider this week’s posts: Reflecting, “The Towers’ Rise and Fall,” and some links for this past week.

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