Pearl Harbor Day

Don’t forget: Pearl Harbor Day, a day that has lived in infamy.

I thought that the NY Times’ editorial about the need to remember Pearl Harbor expressed notable thoughts.

Remembering it will be harder, when the first generation that was there is passing away.

The passing of Harry Morgan, actor who was on “Dragnet,” and is especially memorable as Col. Potter of “M.A.S.H.”  An observance of Morgan by tv critic Alan Sepinwall and observance from tv critic James Poniewozik at Time.

Stuff in September

Josh Ozersky ponders on the Jewish love for Chinese food as this week’s subject of his food column on

Why am I not surprised that the Law & the Multiverse guys actually explore how Peter Parker is an independent contractor and Clark Kent isn’t? I’m not a Spiderman follower, but did Peter Parker ever take his photography work to a higher level? I mean, various versions of Clark have shown him to be a real journalist, not necessarily a bumbler… (must be that Superman thing).

Angry Asian Man blog on the world biggest Spam musubi. That is a lot of Spam.

h/t: wnyc’s tumblr blogcolor photos of NYC from 1941 by Charles W. Cushman, over at the Daily Mail. Impressive. Bowling Green still looks the same…

Oh, and last but not least: Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart – how is it that you two make the 1980’s/1990’s nostalgia so easy to swallow? (especially Joey – even if he is now going by “Joseph” these days – but he’ll always be Joey to me!). I was watching their ABC Family tv movie, “My Fake Fiance” and was pretty entertained. They play a couple who meet in one of those “I hate you/I love” moments and then get a fake engagement for the gifts and money – only to actually fall in love for real. Yes, it’s a typical romantic-comedy, but I liked their nice vibe and sensual chemistry.

Melissa and Joey’s ABC Family tv series, “Melissa and Joey” is sort of a modern “Who’s The Boss,” but just a touch more yeah-eventually-they-will vibe in less than a season, than “Who’s The Boss” did after years of seasons on the air (I watched a lot of “Who’s the Boss” back in the day – and I liked how Judith Light’s Angela was such an empowered modern woman for the 1980’s and how Tony Danza’s Tony evolved from an ex-ball player to mature college student and future teacher). Is “Melissa and Joey” funny as a sitcom? Not really – I mean, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” had more funny and that was because Salem the Talking Cat was just nuts – but the chemistry between Melissa and Joey (the characters) works for tv.

Happy APA Heritage Month and Stuff Like that…

Interesting post from NPR on the subject of the end of Bin Laden from a religious perspective (highlighting the Dalai Lama’s thoughts and the statement from the Vatican). Not forgetting and searching for peace – not easy stuff. No surprise that there are no easy answers.

Interesting interview with the author/journalist Janny Scott on NPR’s All Things Considered, regarding her new book about Ann Dunham, President Obama’s mother, as she made quite a life between mainland USA, Hawaii, and Indonesia – and how it led to the making of Obama (who Scott says was definitely born in Hawaii, based on her exhaustive research, even without seeing a long-form birth certificate).

NAPABA issued a press release, congratulating Tony N. Leung on his appointment to the position of federal magistrate judge for the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.  He is the first Asian Pacific American to serve on the federal bench in Minnesota.

He is not this other Tony Leung, who was in such movies as “Chungking Express”, “In the Mood for Love”, “Hero,” “Internal Affairs,” and “2046” (I still haven’t watched most of these movies and I’d like to do so already; sigh).

And, yes, I’m being facetious…  ultimately, kudos to Judge Leung, a longtime Minnesota state court judge, Yale alumnus and NYU Law alumnus.

Also, kudos from our very own AABANY’s press release: AABANY congratulating Vincent T. Chang and Andrew T. Hahn, Past Presidents of AABANY, on their selection as the 2011 City Bar Diversity Champion Award Recipients.

Oh, and this Sunday (Mother’s Day!) is the 32nd Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Festival 2011, at Union Square.  Be there or be… well, you know.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has some interesting Asian and Pacific Island exhibits.

Umm… I’m not on the Fast Five thing, but I heard that it’s a fun enough movie and, hey, it has a diverse cast.  Vin Diesel (who’s not Asian or Pacific Islander; oh well; he’s still Vin Diesel).  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (part Samoan) .  Sung Kang (Korean American).  And Justin Lin directed it!

But, around here at triscribe, everyday is APA Heritage Day…  🙂  Hope you’re enjoying APA Heritage Month so far.

Oh, and last but not least: weird stuff: a seal who doesn’t really like people lands in town (Inwood, apparently). Sounds like the perfect NY’er…