I’ve taken a small blogging hiatus over the past fortnight, but a ton of extreme things have kept things exciting.

  • My doctor says that I’ve got an incredibly high triglyceride level (550 when it should be less than 150) so I got to lose 10 pounds and cut out bacon and eggs by June or I’m going to be on Lipitor.
  • P and I have a new long distance travel adventure planned. It will be in May, and we’ll let you know about it when it happens
  • I see SSW at the alma mater’s charity auction – neither of us win any bids.
  • AS makes a reappearance in New York with his bouncing baby boy
  • Two members of the staff have deaths in the family, so I’m doing coverage for them
  • My mom decides to go back to school, which is conveniently located across the street from my apartment. P & I get to see her every day hanging out at my dinner/mj table.
  • 4 hour Indian engagement party with my friend, his fiance, three priests and an Archbishop (I don’t ask, I just eat)
  • My boss quits, and general mayhem ensues. Looks like I’m going to be left running the show
  • I see a new batch of fledgling attorneys (several of my friends among them) being sworn in
  • P has dental surgery, not too much pain although she talks funny

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