Lunar New Year 2012 Events

Happy Year of the Dragon…  May it be auspicious for all of us!

In the NY Daily News:

an article on the question of why NYC Chinatown still doesn’t have its own arch.   I posit that inertia, money, and lack of actual analysis (of where to put it and how to drive the tourists to it) are factors. Disclaimer: it’s not like I actually know why this hasn’t happened already, but I kind of wonder if having an arch is like admitting your Chinatown is a tourist thing and no longer a living community. That’s just based on my familiarity of the Montreal Chinatown arches and seeing the one in San Francisco.

a slideshow of where to eat (a couple of 8th Avenue Brooklyn places – like Pacificana – are included in the photos).

Daily News also profiles a couple of Chinese/Taiwanese foodie bloggers and their recipes for the Lunar New Year.

Check these items out in the city:

In case you’re looking for Lunar New Year events/highlights from Brooklyn, here are some items from the Brooklyn Public Library.

In case you’re looking for Lunar New Year events/highlights from Queens, here are some items from the Queens Library.

Over at World Financial Center, New York Chinese Cultural Center is bringing some arts and crafts for the kids and performances next weekend.

And, of course, last but never least, a whole bunch of stuff in Chinatown in Manhattan.

In case you want a whole list, check out Time Out NY. Time Out NY is good that way, even talking to the cast of “Chinglish” about Chinese food for the  Chinese New Year (“Chinglish” is ending Jan. 29, 2012 – check it out while you can).


Happy birthday, Alexander Hamilton, Wherever You Are

Happy birthday, Alexander Hamilton, Wherever You Are!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8) (by whitehouse)

I’m sharing this video, in honor of Alexander Hamilton’s birthday.  I remembered watching this on PBS awhile ago; this was so awesome…

Lin-Manuel Miranda is ridiculously amazing for the extent of his creativity and his New York-ness. An Alexander Hamilton rap?! Amazing… (see also: this article in the NY Times about Miranda, and his creativity, including “The Hamilton Mixtape”).