March Madness 2010

So, half my NCAA Men’s basketball brackets are gone.

But, so cool that Cornell’s still in it!  Ivy League is represented!  So, of course, all kinds of coverage is done about this: how those Cornell kids live in Ithaca, how their Shining Moment is hopefully lifting spirits at the university, which has had an awful lot of tragedy (dealing with suicides this past academic year) and – of course, how academically bright they are (something other than Duke and Stanford, for goodness sake!).  Plus, sounds like they’re getting real excited at IthacaBig Red had a great weekend.

So, I’ll root for them.  Do well, Big Red.  Not like my Alma Mater’s going to be in the tourney anytime soon.

The passing of actor Robert Culp.


This past weekend’s storm was just nasty and the recovery’s not been easy.

Remembering the legacy of Andrew Haswell Green, 19th Century urban planner who helped make the modern 5-borough city possible.

NYC’s ex-health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Frieden, now CDC’s director; love him or hate him for making us cut back on transfat and salt, he’s making big changes at CDC (and bringing NYC aspects with him).

Peeps in the ABA Journal – it’s that time of year again…

The passing of Merlin Olsen.  I remembered he was one of the cast on “Little House on the Prairie,” and he was also a football commentator, and then it was awhile when I learned that he was a pro football player – Hall of Famer?!- that’s quite a life.

The passing of Peter Graves.  He’ll be missed, but at least we’ll always have his oeuvre — yeah, he was Capt. Oveur in the Airplane! movies, but he’ll especially be remembered as Jim Phelps of Mission Impossible.