“Talkin’ ’bout the red, white, and bluuuuetooth…” – this President’s Day Honda commercial is ridiculously funny, if only because I had no idea that George Washington had such a nice singing voice.

Of course, this only makes me miss Christopher Columbus, Action Figure, all the more. (see the previous post on Christopher Columbus, Action Figure).

Interesting info from the Morgan Library and Museum’s website on George Washington’s life mask and other Founding Father items.

Check out this: photo slideshow over at, of colorized presidential photos.  There’s something very striking about seeing past Presidents’ photographs in color rather than in their black and white format. (or course, it’s like this mental trip of reminding oneself that color did exist before 1950). And, it’s really weird to see Teddy Roosevelt as the big game hunter (I know that’s what they did in those days and I’m not an animal rights activist, and TR was someone who tried to preserve nature, but that photo of him and his dead elephant was really sad to look at in color).

This item is a cute but weird PSA: Big Bird and Michelle Obama appear to be mostly talking to each other, but Big Bird really just looks like he’s amusing himself in the background, randomly dancing behind Michelle Obama. Dance, bird, dance…

Well, this was an interesting item on Yao Ming, on the Asia Society’s YouTube location.  Nice that he’s more than just a basketball player.

Enjoy the Oscars weekend!

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