Law & Order Original

I was rocking through the Mesmo TV FB app and got curious about the latest status of the show.  A couple of blogs were saying that it’s not doing well and may be cancelled soon due to low ratings…..  Of course, the changes in the show are mind boggling.

Rocked through it on L&O and Star Trek… unbelievable how addictive FB is 🙁

What’s the deal?

Taipei New Year’s Eve

Really counting down now… 1 hour and 50 mins and counting down.  B- and I are at her friend’s 8th floor apt which over looks 101.  We can hear the festivities outside and watch from the TV.  Invited a few friends, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Taiwanese and myself.  Good simple celebration …. pizza, TGIF chicken wings, lots of wine and the obligatory mahjong table 🙂

I’m of course… on-line !

Hoping you guys have a great New Year’s Eve and a safe one…