Fall into Winter

….in Hong Kong at least it’s not so sudden like say Beijing.  The change in weather is nice and also making things somewhat more mellow for me.  On the other hand, things have been very busy with the year end and should be full-on until December.  Looking forward then to some R&R and spending time with family.  

But, the fast approachng year end isn’t giving me a lot of chance to catch up.  I have some training courses to take in Tokyo after X-mas from Insights Learning & Development.  It’s continuing my journey toward HR and people focus in my professional life.  At the end of the day, it’s about the people.  It’ll be fun for this and looking forward to it.  I’m also going to try winging the CGEIT exam in December. 

Hope you folks are doing good there.  One of these days I’m going to be able to make it back for a visit.  Meanwhile, life goes on here in Asia and the future seems good.

Star Trek and my blog

With the new Star Trek movie the amount of hits daily to my blog went up 4-5 times.  Apparently people were clicking on one of my pictures where I was comparing Star Trek with successful IT people. Funny really, I’d never have thought that before.

Anyways, it’s nice to be back blogging there although I know that my blog stats are artificially inflated.  On the other hand, an out-of-work CIO from NYC put me on his blogroll after finding me (not sure where).  I feel bad for him somehow.  It’s about “branding” now I guess.  Don’t know but will try it out too.

New cool toy I found on The Pogue’s column: MIFI — Wi-Fi to Go, No Cafe Needed.  Looks great to try out in my field force.  Luckily they’ve got in HK, TW, CN markets.  I’ll have to get someone to look into it and what we can do to increase connectivity and information sharing with our back-end systems.

Back to the grind …

Then off to Taipei and KL again.

Chiming in from HK

It’s been a very long while since I last visited/posted here.  I’m sorry to have missed out on the musings here.  Life certainly has been extremely hectic and too many little things compete for my spare time.  Anyways, it’s the Labor Day holiday here in HK and much of Asia.  So it’s been good downtime and the weather is good too.

3 days of my team in HK and we had a lot of productive discussions/meetings on what the rest of 2009 is going to look like.  Also started getting back into my personal blog again and enjoying it.  I do need to resist falling off the wagon and try at least once a week to post something.  Once a day is probably too much.  I recently mentioned how interesting my blog stats were and even more so that a lot of people searching star trek find my blog.  Not exactly what I had intended but cool.  And the readership is really spread all over the place.

Anyways, enjoy all and Monday is an anniversary for me and B-, our first date which was @ Yankee stadium.  Time does fly.  Take care of it and enjoy it while it lasts!