Red Rain Rising, Blind Leading the Deaf

Harbour City
China Ferry Terminal
First Ferry to Macau (45 minute trip on hydrofoil)
Raining cats and dogs
Bus #3 to Centro de (trapo) tourismo
Bus #10 to Senado Square
Choi Heong Yuen Bakery
Restaurant Platao Travessa
Left the bakery bag at the restaurant
On Mun Cafe (had expresso and natas – the poruguese version of egg tarts brulee)
Ruins of Sao Paulo
Stamps from the post office stand
Back to the 10 bus

On the bus on the way back we missed the ferry terminal, along with a deaf tour group from the mainland. After messing around with Mandarin, Chinese handwriting, sign language and english, we finally decided to share cabs back to the terminal.

Raced YC back to Tsim Tsa Tsui – he’s staying at the classy Sheraton. Bathroom has a window that looks through to the suite then through the bay windows.

Went to his office in North Point, then went out with his office mates to a seafood restaurant somewhere between 64 and 132 Wharf Road. If you can find it and speak Cantonese, it is well worth it. After that, we went to Lan Kwai Fong for volka at Balalaika Russian Restaurant (they have an “Ice Room” which is basically a meat locker where you can have your volka in a 10 degree F room while wearing fur coats). After that, they went for karaoke and whisky drinks at Gossip 22. Then passed out back at the hotel.

3 more days…

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  1. You got rain? We’ve been getting mucho rain here too in NYC – yesterday and today. You guys ain’t been missing much, weather-wise.

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