Much to celebrate – went to 2 graduations yesterday – P’s brother and my cousin graduated from the NYC Police Academy and my mom decided to go back for her GED and had a “certification” ceremony yesterday. The former was at Madison Square Garden, and was large, very formal and regimented; the latter was at City Tech and was small, unregimeted but joyous and full of song.

Koreatown buffet place Minato becomes a part of the Todai buffet empire. After the takeover, the food is actually a level better than before – it seemed there was a bit of a decline towards the end of Minato. This would now add to the visits to Honolulu and Hong Kong, and Las Vegas branches. Now I guess we’re going to have to try to hit all of the others.

Another Week Begins

Charlie Gibson says farewell to “Good Morning America” – yet again (’cause he already left his first time around some years ago before signing on for the “temp” job in returning to GMA. And, now his gig on World News Tonight is no longer a temp thing. Boy, Charlie. Oh well.) Let’s just make this a nice transition, shall we? I’d be eager to see how Katie Couric will do with the match up by September, I say.

An interesting cable movie, combining the Western with the story of early Chinese female immigrants (which, considering this country, is a story that takes place out West). Starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church, along with an ensemble cast with Asians of America and Canada.  Umm, Asian (North) Americans?… 😉

That Warren Buffett – joining forces with Bill and Melinda Gates? What does it really mean? Charlie Rose had a special interview with Buffett and the Gates – boy, I’m increasingly impressed with the Gates, really – their hopes and good work and eagerness – heck, Bill Gates seem to be demonstrating real sincerity and Melinda Gates definitely seemed determined – there’s something about hearing them speak that wasn’t quite captured when Time magazine profiled them last year with Bono for People of the Year. Geez, Bono – when are you going to join forces with Buffett-Gates? It’ll be like watching Super Friends. Or something like that.

Slate changed its home page look. This is going to take some getting used to. Boy, when you get a birthday, do you have to get a new suit, Slate?

Ooh – the Supreme Court decisions are coming out, and Slate gives us the annual intruiging analysis for the term’s ending. May this be an interesting week…