Big Fat Greek Weekend

Did anybody realize that amoxicillin smells like durian? If you ever have the experience, check it out.

I was OK by Saturday, in time for my dim sum club meeting. One of our number is moving to Taipei, so we had a sendoff for him. Afterwards, we went to a deck party in Long Island City.

Sunday, we saw X-Men 3. Wasn’t bad. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you stay to the end of the credits.

Afterwards, we had lunch at a Grecian festival nearby. We entered the raffle for the crystal bowl filled with Greek cookies, and we actually won!

P’s friends wanted to go to Joya, so we had another snack there, and crashed at home. Back to work again tomorrow….

Weekend’s End

Saw “Cars” Sunday. Excellent movie – damn, Pixar’s amazing. The “cinematography” of Route 66 was stunning – it looked like the real thing. The cars were cute. Actor Owen Wilson as “Lightening McQueen” – funny and angsty and cute. Kind of like all the various characters Wilson has played. And, Bonnie Hunt – aww, her Sally the Porsche was a burnt-out attorney from Los Angeles and turned into a solo practitioner/motel operator in Radiator Springs, the town dying because of the interstate highway. And, Paul Newman as Doc Hudson, the mysterious old car/town doctor/town judge – cool, man. You wouldn’t know it was Paul Newman but for those blue eyes… 😉 Highly recommended movie, no matter how old you are!

An article on the Williamsburg Building.

Beautiful sunshine on Sunday.  I was at Grand Army Plaza, to see if the Brooklyn Public Library Central Library was open. Nope. In lieu of Sunday hours, they’ve increased weekday evening hours. I still would have liked Sunday hours.

And, an article on the traffic circle of Grand Army Plaza, a literal pedestrian death trap, if you asked me.  We can all wish, as the article acknowledged, that they’d improve it.  Some day.