Saturday recap

We were going to Sha Tin for the dragon boat races, but we were just beat and decided to take it easy. Instead, we just hung out with YC and his work associate W at the Sheraton breakfast buffet for a couple of hours. Then we went to Tseun Wan to the Sam Tung Uk museum. It’s a renovated Hakka walled village that has been completely renovated. W lives in the neighborhood, and he had no idea that the museum was there, because it is so non-descript.

Afterwards, we made one more try to eat Hakka food. We gave up trying to find the famed movable chicken feast place, since nobody was really sure where they had moved to. W suggested this new theme chain restaurant, Hak Ka Hut. It presents rustic Hakka Chinese food in an elegant modern style. The braised pork belly with preserved vegetables were very credible, slightly on the sweet side. The salt chicken I thought was slightly overdone, but YC and his cousin thought it was pretty good. The other dishes included stuffed tofu and abalone, which were tasty, although the stuffing was on the top rather than on the side as was usual.

Afterwards, W drove us to the Sheraton, where we had drinks on the top floor cafe until very last.

One more day…

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