Oooph-fast fast fast

Hectic day…. actually since the past couple of days.  Yesterday I came in, bang bang, from the airport, having faced a bit of a daily at TPE.  Apparently HK was faced with a ‘red rain’ warning meaning the strength of the rain was very high.  Second level below the ‘black’ level which would’ve effectively shut down the city.

Quickly stamped through, got onto the hotel shuttle bus and then hooked up with FC & P- to head over to meet up with my friends at North Point office for some great dinner. Pics forthcoming…

Then headed out to LKF for some drinks at Balaikia (sp?) which is a Russian restaurant.  There shared a couple of bottles of Stoli with the gang and met up with a couple more friends from the office and got “warm” in the fridge.  Was cool :).

Then after that, went to another lounge bar with KTV and drank some more whisky and then passed out around 4am last night.

Wacking up to overcast skies looking into HK from the Sheraton Hotel & Towers.  Wonderful!

Hooking up later with FC, P-, friend Wilfred for brunch here at the Sheraton.  Then my cousin from Dongguan will come in last this evening to join us.



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