What animal are you?

You’re a Giant Squid!
One of the most shadowy and dark figures in your community, you sometimes are only known by what you leave behind, and what others say of you. With this murky and mysterious rap, you’ve become one of the most pursued and pondered people of your populous. You’re exceptionally large and even more lanky. You’re really into those suction cup baby-on-board signs made for cars.

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  1. You’re a Spider!
    It seems like you have eyes in the back of your head sometimes, and
    you have an uncanny knack for creeping people out with that ability. You really
    enjoy eating wraps, though you like them even more if you made them yourself. You
    work tirelessly so that you can eat, but are good at getting rid of annoyances for
    other people. There’s always just a little more drama than necessary when you’re
    around. Oh, what tangled webs you weave!

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    at the Blue Pyramid.

  2. i’m a ladybug!

    Most people assume you’re female upon seeing you, even though you
    might very well be male. Don’t let this gender-bending get you bent out of shape,
    though… you just happen to exhibit the quiet dignity and soft demeanor that
    people associate with the feminine side of things. Your favorite fruit is the
    watermelon. For some reason, people think it’s fun to sing about horrible things
    happening to you and your family.

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