What state are you?

You’re North Dakota!
You are rather remote, and even inaccessible to the average person. While many would thus describe you as stuck-up, to you it seems more like you’re just stuck. When no one is looking, you yearn to engage in 19th-century European political subterfuge. When looking for peace, head for the garden. But please, be extremely careful around wood-chippers.

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What animal are you?

You’re a Giant Squid!
One of the most shadowy and dark figures in your community, you sometimes are only known by what you leave behind, and what others say of you. With this murky and mysterious rap, you’ve become one of the most pursued and pondered people of your populous. You’re exceptionally large and even more lanky. You’re really into those suction cup baby-on-board signs made for cars.

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All things great and small

Anybody notice that there are a lot more interstitial ads on the New York Times website?

Coincidence between having Jamaican meat patties for lunch and this article?

I was taking out the garbage last night, and a cat ran inside and scared the heck out of P–. Apparently the cat is the upstairs neighbor’s just out for a little wandering in the hallway. Tabby with a red ribbon and a little bell – cute! The cat didn’t mind me too much, although I chased it out of the bedroom at P–‘s request ’cause she’s allergic. The cat ended up napping on the stairs. Now P– wants her sister’s dogs to have sleepovers here. Yeah, I know all about the patron saint of animals and all – I do generally get along well with animals, but this is getting silly.

OK, I bit YC, and I got the United Nations “But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York”, and Virginia Wolf: “Your life seems utterly bland and normal to the casual observer, but inside you are churning with a million tensions and worries. “