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Subway Fracas Escalates Into Test Of the Internet’s Power to Shame

Apparently she had to drop out of Uni because of this. There’s a fierce debate on the expat forum about it. Some feel it’s just desserts, others are like, technology’s run amok, no one deserves this.

I think everyone is missing the point. It has nothing to do with deserves or not. When an individual decides to give the proverbial finger to his/her society and its norms, then society will deal with the offender in its own (and unpredictable) way. Very Hobbesian and reasonable in terms of the social contract theory. Does the “punishment” outweigh the “crime”? Maybe so, but we live in a world where the power of technology applifies things and more than ever before, one needs to have their heads screwed on right, lest they become the next Internet chain mail topic.

Things to learn from:
1. The world is not your ashtray.
2. Golden Rule – Just Do It ™