Today waiting in my fax at the office…. an announcement from the good ol’ law school that they are looking for an Assistant Admissions Director. Interestingly they were seeking alums looking for the alternative career path. For a brief perverted moment I thought about it, but then quickly cast it aside and continued with the day… I need to be passionate about what I’m doing. This, I could not see myself passionate about.

Carry on


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  1. An interesting piece of mailing from the Alma Mater Law School, isn’t it?

    I’ll opt not to make any other comment. But, I do wonder – hmm, is it really the right time to take that alternative career path? Uh, okay, back to not making any other comment. 😉

  2. If any of you are serious about this, let me know, although they interviewed people on Monday. Look, I’m Exhibit A for the alternative legal career….

  3. Is this a new position or it’s a replacement? Is the school really growing that fast? Hm, I guess so considering the tour I saw of it last time (thanks FC).

    The important question is …. $$$. High 5s? The fun thing that ran through my mind was the wreaking havoc through the Alma Mater Law School like the “good ol’ days” with one of the partners in crime :D.

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