Battle Star Galactica!

Yeah, bring it on! Caught the promos, trailers and the 3 hour season premier (in Taipei) on Cinemax. Really enjoyed the acting and the action sequences and special effects. Had some Babylon 5-ish feel to it, as it was rather dark. Good story set up as to the who, why, wherefore.

Could be part of “Must See TV” 😉 Sunday 9pm weekly I think ?


ps- Happy Independence Day! I get to say it a bit early :p

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  1. Yeah, the new Battlestar Galactica is probably a big reason for me for having cable. I don’t know if you’re seeing season 1 or season 2 (season 2 begins this weekend in the US), so I’m going to try to avoid spoilers, but but the Korean chick that plays the new Boomer is way cute, and she’s not just a second stringer, but remarkably pivotal to to the plot.

    Also, if you get the Game Show Network, Amazing Race 1 starts July 11th!

  2. I’ve heard all the raves about Battlestar Galactica (nope, I’m still cable-less) and missed it when NBC showed the abriged episodes (which NBC was able to do due to its cable station affiliation). TV Guide says that NBC is showing Battlestar Galactica this Saturday, so I might catch it and finally see what’s it all about.

    (although, and I hate to say this, but whenever I hear “Battlestar Galatica,” I still get the mental imagery of Lorne Green’s original show. I’ve never even seen it (before my time), but I suppose it’s always good to hear about a new version of a show to make it better (a la Next Generation getting the whole Star Trek franchise going after a couple of original Trek crew movies).

    I must be on the hunt for a new franchise to watch to be so willing to check out the new Battlestar Galactica…

  3. You mean you guys already have Season 1 done?! 🙁

    Well, color me silly, we’re a day earlier but a year later (TV time) :s. Oy.

    Yeah, Boomer is going to be quite the character. Dunno what her TV credits are, she doesn’t seem familiar to me, but then again, I am in the wasteland of TV here that is known as Taipei.

    We also got NipTuck, Season 1 showing here on AXN. A bit boring as I’ve already seen it in Cali before coming out there. Well, I should be happy with whatever it is that I get.

    PS-I just got the SMS that the next dictator of SE Asia was born at 15:28 July 5 TPE time 🙂

  4. Hmm, I believe Sci Fi channel is airing Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Not that I understand how cable stations do “seasons” in how it airs stuff.

  5. I’ve been catching the series and it’s been very good so far. I really like it. Cool to see that the old Captain Apollo, Richard Hatch, played a “terrorist-freedom fighter”. I’m hoping to keep this part of my regular routine.

    That SlingMedia/Slingbox thing looks pretty cool. How exactly is this diffferent/better than a TV/Video Card you can put on your computer?

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