Yalta Summit

Taiwanese breakfast: Taiwanese style doughnuts sandwiched in flat sesame bread, soy milk , green onion rolls, shanghai shao long bao, some sort of breakfast burrito made with scrambled eggs encased in sweet rice.

National Museum: Wonderful collections from Imperial China, including the emperor’s seals. New found appreciation for Sung dynaster Chinese painter Ma Yuan, whose painting “Tai at Ma River” was captioned by the emperor: “I don’t know if he’s coming or going”. Had lovely Wenshan tea at the coffee shop.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial: watched the changing of the guard — wonderful.

Hakka Cultural Society: saw some great exhibits. Hakka is an official language in Taiwan — it can be heard in the automatic subway announcements.

Night Market: ate chao tofu, wonton mein, kelbassa style lop chern sausage on a stick, passion fruit flavored ping shaved ice.

Dinner at AS’s house: massive steaks, potatoes and tomatoes, chocolate cake, creme brulee, various wines and liquors.

Flying back to Tokyo today. Will work on the missing Kyoto entries.

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  1. My goodness, just reading your entry’s food listings is making me full (and I havent had dinner yet). Mmm. Lop chern? I haven’t had that in so long…

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