On the other side of the moon

Right now it’s sometime past 2 am on Sunday in a lovely 4 star hotel P– got for a steal on Orbitz. Even in Tokyo, your hotel dollar just gets you so much more than in the US. They are also so much more efficient than any thing in the States.

Trains in Tokyo, once you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing, are not so much worse than the NYC subway. And they are usually within 30 seconds of being on time.

American Airlines service to Tokyo is probably the best the airline has to offer. Great entertainment system, the food is decent, and good legroom, even in the middle of the aisles. If you’ve been what I been through, things like Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events or Emimem’s Mockingbird are probably not good choices if one wants to maintain composure in the main cabin.

Onward to Nagoya tomorrow (or today).

Easter Weekend

Thursday night – Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays the irascible Dr. House on Fox, made an appearance on Jay Leno’s show (since NBC produces “House”). So good!

Entertainment Weekly – Star Wars preview. Whoa.

EW reports that “House” is No. 4 in the ratings. “Joan of Arcadia” may be risking cancellation.

EW also highlighted the new trailer for “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” the movie – check out the official website. So cool! I was getting all excited about the upcoming Batman movie, but whoa – Hitchhiker’s Guide! The book was funny, but the movie’s looking good. (ok, I never watched the tv show or the heard the radio version, but the movie trailer seems to capture the book’s humor). Plus, Marvin the Chronically Depressed Robot has the voice of Alan Rickman. So funny… 🙂

Umm, ok, maybe I ought to get a life. Oh well. Enjoy the weekend.