One day before Friday…

I don’t know if there will be a link to an article yet (and if I do find it, I’ll post it) – but in APA news, Fred Korematsu, of the infamous and historical Supreme Court Korematsu v. US case (and the lawsuit in the 1980’s to overturn his conviction), has passed away.

In other thoughts: perhaps spring is indeed for real – flowers have actually been sighted as cropping out from the ground in Brooklyn. Tulips, daffodils/crocuses. More sunshine/warmer temperatures needed.

Yalta Summit

Taiwanese breakfast: Taiwanese style doughnuts sandwiched in flat sesame bread, soy milk , green onion rolls, shanghai shao long bao, some sort of breakfast burrito made with scrambled eggs encased in sweet rice.

National Museum: Wonderful collections from Imperial China, including the emperor’s seals. New found appreciation for Sung dynaster Chinese painter Ma Yuan, whose painting “Tai at Ma River” was captioned by the emperor: “I don’t know if he’s coming or going”. Had lovely Wenshan tea at the coffee shop.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial: watched the changing of the guard — wonderful.

Hakka Cultural Society: saw some great exhibits. Hakka is an official language in Taiwan — it can be heard in the automatic subway announcements.

Night Market: ate chao tofu, wonton mein, kelbassa style lop chern sausage on a stick, passion fruit flavored ping shaved ice.

Dinner at AS’s house: massive steaks, potatoes and tomatoes, chocolate cake, creme brulee, various wines and liquors.

Flying back to Tokyo today. Will work on the missing Kyoto entries.