Has spring finally sprung? We actually had decent temperatures and sun today! But, we’re supposed to be back to rain by Friday. Blech.

Last night’s “House, M.D.” – the hospital’s CEO Vogler is sooo mean, forcing House to fire one of the three doctors under his supervision; the three doctors then pretty much try to metaphorically strangle each other, knowing House has to fire one of them; problem is that Dr. Chase is the rat betraying House to Vogler; Dr. Foreman knows/guesses that Chase is not a nice Australian young man; Dr. Cameron has a serious crush on House and knows House is has feelings for her that he can’t handle – and so she’s willing to resign. Ok, sure.

Tonight’s “Alias” – the plot, as usual, makes no sense, but it was laugh-out-loud funny watching Marshall Flinkman, the tech man, save Sydney from suffocating to death in a coffin and then save the world (well, Hong Kong actually, but Marshall did save the day). So funny. (even a little silly, when Sydney has to talk Marshall through the undercover gig and later, her dad Jack has to talk Marshall through the process of pulling an eyeball out – eww, Jack!).

Otherwise, it’s quiet enough in Brooklyn, besides the whole watching everyone looking so happy to see some sun…

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