Up and running

Well, looking forward to the FC & P- express train from Brooklyn here in Taipei. Sorry, but the gloomy rainy weather has returned this week with a vengeance. Pouring rain and wind making it really yucko!

This is a busy week socially as another friend from California arrived this past Sunday. He’ll be attending the SecuTech 2005 Expoin Taipei this Thursday. Some interesting stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m busy with my own baby, ML McLean & Associates Co. Ltd. in Taipei. I built the website using all open-source technologies recently and relatively painlessly. People ask me, what does ML stand for and why McLean? Well, it’s very unscientific but an educated guess in that Asia companies really like American sounding names. McLean is really anglo-saxon and ML doesn’t stand for anything. So what does it do? It’s a business and technology advisory and consulting firm, a mouthful. Essentially, we do consulting and training for companies that are looking to be more competitive. Our range of services is aimed at the locals looking internationally and the expats and foreigners looking to survive and expand their presence in Asia. We’re the classic Asia-West bridge company.

There’s hope here in Asia-Pac, particularly because of China and its black-hole affect. Compare that to the US where the real-estate market bubble, basically foreigners buying up everything is causing everyone in the US to go poor. One has to be really rich to live in the US and I fear that the longer I stay out here, the less likely I would be able to return to the US and live the life that my parents did. I think already, people have trouble doing that without racking up obscene amounts of debt. I don’t know. Seems like the proverbial, there’s no thing such as a free lunch is only half-true :-|?


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