Yankee Clipper

I’m staying at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper in Ft. Lauderdale. Before this month, I’ve only stayed at a Sheraton once, when I was like 7. This month, I’ve been to 2, the one in Hong Kong where we checked out the Sky Lounge overlooking the harbor, and this one. Reception gives me a very warm welcome as a SPG member, because it seems everyone else staying here is either a non-member vacationing with their family or a Delta Airlines crew member. I scored this killer room that overlooks the beach (the view above is from the window). My room in Hong Kong could fit in the bathroom, which has a shower and a bath. The bar downstairs was featured in the movie “Analyze This”. I also have decent high-speed Internet and a nice bed. What more can I ask for?

The only real down side is that it is on this sandbar, so the nearest real store, a Walgreens, is 20 minutes on foot. I wisely rented a car for this trip, so getting around is a lot easier. On the next block after the Walgreens is a Publix supermarket, where I picked up key lime juice for cheap, and they also had these Beagle mugs; I picked up one.

People don’t know how to drive in Florida. At least I know I’m not that experienced a driver, being from NYC; I passed 8 accidents on the way from the airport, and the driving conditions are absolutely perfect. I don’t understand it.

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