Fascinating NY Times article on a handy service from the NY Public LIbrary.

Ok, so I’ve been saying that Dr. Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” needs a CIA agent boyfriend (particularly since Bomb Squad guy died so badly, and ok, so he really wasn’t a love interest, since she was still pining for Dr. McDreamy). But, the Powers Behind the show gave Grey a veterinarian love interest, played by Chris O’Donnell. But, turns out that O’Donnell is doing a cable mini-series on the CIA. So, rather indirectly, Grey gets a CIA guy. But, she’s still stuck on McDreamy. Sigh.

Happy 64th Birthday, Sir Paul McCartney. As Paul sang many years ago, “Will you still need me/ will you still feed me/ when I’m 64…?” Aww. Well. Life has been hard, Paul, but we fans still love you.

Junior’s Cheesecake heads to Times Square. Whoa.

And, last but not least: Happy Birthday, Slate! Slate celebrates its 10th Birthday. The on-line magazine that I consider to be two thumbs up.

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