I’m almost living on a plane

So I flew to Hong Kong Sunday night, which was the same day I flew back to Taipei, having arrived Sunday morning, Feb 5th :o.  Stayed in HK for business trip 2 days, THe Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay (http://www.excelsiorhongkong.com/) was good and relatively cheap.  I found a nearby Holiday Inn Express that was a couple hundred HK $ more…. Food was great 🙂

I liked the flight back last night from HK – TPE, it was a 777-400.  Plenty of space width-wise and length-wise, I lucked out to be in front of the bulkhead, seat 55H.  No bumping of the shoulders or elbows in the aisle seat!

Unfortunately, when we arrived, one of the passengers behind me, an elderly woman seemed to have fainted/passed out.  Not sure for how long but wasn’t responding.  Once the doors opened, the doctor crew came in but by then I had high-tailed it out ’cause it was almost 10pm.  It looked like she had died ….

I also signed up for the AA Gold/Plat Challenge but left quite a few miles on the table :-(.  I even missed the Steelers beating the ‘Hawks but go team.  I like Pittsburgh, a nice city and people.


ps- can someone fix the link option in the posting? 🙂

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