Yearbook Photos

Today, the office is supposed to take the annual group Yearbook Photo. I’ve designed yearbooks in high school, and the thing that annoys me the most is when the yearbook is a prefunctury scrapbook of photos, where the people don’t care how good the photo is. My greatest pet peeve is when there are no captions accompanying the picture – I want some background and some identification of the people in the book. Maybe someone 20 years from now wants to know who these people are, and they will have no way of finding out. Maybe I’ll be senile and will need the prompting.

I really hated my college yearbook – they misspelt my name, there were no captions, and the cover accidently spelt the initials of another nearby school. These things at campuses across the country are mostly caused by some yearbook company agent that doesn’t know how to excite the yearbook staff in recording their best years. We regret it.

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