Warm day!

Had some internet problems with my new Asus laptop. Missing network controller seems to not allow me to use a regular RJ45 line to plug into the internet. So I was kinda down, borrowing terminals here and there from my friend’s company dealing with entrepreneur startups in China.

Past couple of days was warm, but the winter dryness is killing me. Used up most of my small hotel lotions I pack with me and had to buy chapstick, Chinese style which costs about USD 4 :-0. Been sampling the eats and boy I haven’t been disappointed. Other than being a bit on the salty side, just delicious. Cheap but not so for the local people. Folks are still poor where the average salary for new grads – 3 yr experienced people is about 1500-2500 RMB. Dinner for two could cost us about 100 RMB. The average Beijing rental is about 1000 RMB. This evening was invited to eat at a Sichuan place near An Ding Men MRT station, Beijing. Great stuff and was literally stuffed. At the begining of my trip I weighed a svelte 95kg but since then have gained about 2 kg.

Interesting thing about the taxis in Beijing. It’s a fleet of them that would crush the yellow cabbies of NYC. They run it like the NYC medallion system but they don’t allow individual owners. The other neat thing is that they’re easier recognizable in various ‘colors’
– there’s the all red Citroen fleet which is older. The cabs usually have a metal interior cab around the cab driver.
– there’s the local sketchy looking all-red Xiali which looks really beat up.
– there’s the all baby blue Citroen fleet
– there’s the Elantras
– there’s the Jettas

The last two have combinations of yellow +
a) maroon
b) purple
c) white (rare)
d) brown
e) blue
f) green

And the cars on the road are new and of the expensive kind. Mostly VWs but the Japanese and the Hyundais’ are popular as well. Everyone in Beijing wants a car.

Got two more meetings tomorrow and then call it a trip. Unfortunately no chance for sightseeing :-(.

ps- Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. And I thank God for all his continued blessings.

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