The mother of all tech goodies – Hilon IT Mall

Hilon IT Mall….

And I thought Malaysia’s Sungei Wang/Plaza Loh Yat/BB Plaza was good at it but Hah! Hilon the original in Beijing. 10 floors of just tech goods, from laptops, pc parts, PCs, office equipment, mp3 players, Apple, Ipods, digital cameras, you name it. The guys are aggressive pitching their wares. Have to be careful though, some are just bad fakes but look real (gee, haven’t we heard this before)? I was checking out the USB 2.0 portable slim hard drives and they guy was saying not to worry because his goods were real. We could call the Samsung or Hitachi number to verify the serial numbers on the HDs to make sure they were legit !My friend bought a webcam so he could communicate with his wife in NYC and allow his wife to see her daughters in Beijing.

I also did a drive through around Zhongguancun central where Hilon Mall is located along the west side of Zhongguancun near a lot of the universities, Peking University and Qinghua University. Then drove all the way east again where I’m staying with my friend. This area is known as the foreigner enclave and it’s got some of the best stuff around. of course security is good too. Private guards posted all around who will salute you when you enter and leave the compounds… stuff like that.

I’m about 1 block (1 Beijing block is at least one NYC avenue block in the east-west direction) from the Canadian Embassy and 4 blocks from the US Embassy. Western food is good too – bread just like in the US and the Chinese made jams also like Smuckers.

China has come a long way baby.

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